Savile Opulence 5000 Natural Pocket Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 1 134.95

What do you look for in your perfect mattress and how would you describe your best night of sleep imaginable in just one word We think a word that should go hand in hand with a good night sleep is opulenceOpulance is a word that come from Latin opulentia meaning wealthy extravagant excess and luxurious Surely this is the perfect way to describe the perfect sleeping envionment Our Savile range of elite luxury mattresses have been beautifully designed for the customer seeking the ultimate comfort and with a choice of three you can be sure to find the perfect level of firmness security and luxury to ensure the best experienceOur handmade horse hair mattresses from Savile are made here in England Why horse hair Simply put they have microscopic capillaries that allow them to absorbs moisture and evaporate it quickly unlike a standard mattress that will absorb moisture in a spongelike fashion making it more difficult to maintain over timeFinally from our Savile range of mattresses comes the magnificent Opulence 5000 Like the 3000 this mattress also comes with 100 organic viscose fabric and bonded cotton wool blend for incredible comfort as well as the silk wool and cashmere However the 5000 also comes with Mohair Mohair a fabric that originates from the Angora goat combines with the wool to make the fabric more durable and also has a natural elastic filling to help maintain shape It has duel sides making it ideal for turning over and a softmedium feel Soft mattresses are a great choice for side sleepers as they are ideal for cushioning the shoulder and hips as well as being ideal for good spine alignmentExperience your best night sleep that will have you starting each day right with the Opulence 5000

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