Savile Opulence 3000 Natural Pocket Pillow Top Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 974.95

When you think of your perfect night of sleep which words pop into your head If one of those words is opulence then you might want to consider something from our impressive Savile rangeThe word opulence itself comes from the Latin opulentia which means wealthy and generally associated with excess and luxury What better word could there be to describe the ultimate night of comfort Our luxury mattresses from our Sarvile lineup have been beautifully designed with our customers in mind to ensure that your choice mattress is the right one Comfort firmness security and luxury is what you can expect from the Savile rangeThe entire Savile range is handmade using fine horse hair right here in England The virtue of a Horse hair mattresses are able to evaporate moisture quickly making it easier to maintain and giving the mattress great longevity As opposed to a standard mattress with a spongelike quality that is like to absorbNext up from our Savile range of mattresses is the superb Opulence 3000 This mattress with its 100 organic viscose fabric and bonded cotton wool blend immediately gives its sleeper an unrivalled and incredible comfort The silk wool and cashmere work harmoniously with each other and delivery on every level the opulence that this mattress promises It is single sided making it ideal for rotating instead of flipping and a medium feel This is generally the most popular choice for most people especially those that like to sleep on their sidesThe medium mattress is the perfect choice for combination sleepers as it offers the best allround variety Back sleeper side sleeper or stomach youll find your perfect comfort levelStart and end your day with your best sleep possible in incredible comfort with the Opulence 3000 from Savile

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