Alpinia 3000 Pillow Top Pocket Natural Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 524.95

We all need a good nights sleep and the Alpinia luxury wool cotton 3000 mattress is a supportive and comfortable mattress that is available at a highly affordable priceThis Alpinia mattress has 3000 pocket springs that support the spine and other pressure areas of the body ensuring a comfortable nights sleep The pocket springs also work independently from each other so they will evenly support the weight of two individualsThe wool and cotton mix helps to reduce moisture and allergens while providing a softmedium touch The breathable cotton cover features deep layers of filling that provides a cushioned and smooth mattress and the fabric also stretches with you while you move in your sleep This mattress has a beautifully handstitched finish and incorporates a lush pillow top for added support

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