Silentnight Essentials Memory Mirapocket 1000 Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 269.95

The design of the Silentnight Essentials Memory Mirapocket 1000 Mattress has been based on the scientific principles of ergonomics pressure relief and sheer luxurious support and comfort As such we believe your nights sleep may never be the same again once you try itWe all know that we spend around onethird of our lives in bed And we know that the most important part of the bed is the mattress right And yet how many of us actually pay attention to the quality of our mattress And if we could sleep even that little bit better how much more could we get done during the day Put like that we can see its a nobrainer to go for a highquality mattress such as thisThis mattress boasts 1000 Mirapocket springs which taken together form a superresponsive layer Then there is a layer of memory foam This actually responds to your bodys heat in order to mould to your bodys contours Then there is the protective polyester wall which envelopes the other layers and provides stability and durability And last but not least the mattress is coated in a skin of highloft micro quilt knitted fabric for elegance and beauty

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