Coolflex iPedic Memory Cool Mattress - Super King (6' x 6'6")

£ 369.95

Made using 25cm of premium viscoelastic memory foam the iPedic mattress provides you with the absolute cutting edge in comfort With memory foam being utilised by NASA the iPedic mattress is the perfect way to guarantee a good nights sleepThe viscoelastic memory foam is additionally reinforced with 175cm of iPedic Orthopaedic foam to support the spine which in turn will give you better sleep quality The mattress also comes complete with a thick Coolmax cover giving the mattress a depth of 20cm The cover is both removable and washable making the iPedic memory foam mattress an absolute breeze to keep clean and freshManufactured right here in the UK specifically for MattressNextDay the iPedic memory foam mattress uses the viscoelastic technology to evenly spread your body weight across the entire mattress That enables the mattress to ease any potential pressure points which will not only heighten your sleep quality but also improve blood circulation With the iPedic memory mattress youll also get first class support thanks to its temperature sensitivity Not only will the mattress soften but it will contour to your bodys spinal shape meaning youll get the perfect blend of comfort and orthopaedic support

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