Silentnight Easycare Miracoil Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 189.95

The Silentnight Easycare Miracoil Mattress has the unique Miracoil Spring System This distinctive spring system is manufactured from one continuous spring that runs head to toe distributing body weight up and down the bed This ensures that the bed gives you and your partner the support you need irrespective of differences in size and weight The springs absorb pressure downwards and therefore do not interfere with springs that are adjacent to them causing roll together Therefore the edge of the mattress is as comfortable and reliable as the centreThe Miracoil spring system is combined with a number of different fillings to offer a complete range of comfort levels With its hypoallergenic properties allergy suffers will sleep soundly The mattress only needs to be rotated from end to end as it is nonturn It is filled with soft fibres to give it a luxurious feel for that perfect nights sleep The mattress also features a luxurious damask coverIf you are looking for a deluxe mattress which will give you all the individual support you need then the Silentnight Easycare Miracoil Mattress is the perfect choice

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