Bed Butler Emperor Supreme 3000 Pocket Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 989.95

The Bed Butler Emperor Supreme 3000 Pocket Mattress is the epitome of luxury It has been developed using the vast knowledge and experience of master bed makers over many years using the latest sleep technology so as to achieve the ultimate support and comfort for a good nights sleepThe Emperor supreme mattress contains 3000 springs in a double layer each individually sewn into cotton pockets The pockets are then linked together through the centre allowing them to move independently to those around them giving every part of your body excellent support and comfortThe Emperor Supreme Mattress is upholstered using the finest natural cotton fabric The natural fillings used are 500 gm pure lambs wool together with 1250 gsm cotton 250 gm silk and horse hair To also give it the luxurious finish 250 cm cashmere is also usedThe natural filling will ensure that you will always be kept cool in the summer heat but just as importantly you will be warm in the winterThe Emperor Supreme Mattress has a depth of approximately 11 inches and includes side stitching securing the two rows of pocket springs so that the edge is just as supportive as the rest of the mattress

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