Queen Ortho Comfort Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 219.95

Using a traditional opencoil design the Queen Ortho Comfort mattress delivers exceptional support and comfort The coils are made from hightensile steel interlaced into a lattice formation Because the steel is so strong youre less likely to suffer from sagging spring syndrome over time The mattress is 24cm deep and in our opinion is definitely fit for a queenPolyester filling for pillowsoft cushioningThe use of a 100 polyester soft white filling makes this mattress an absolute pleasure to snuggle up on at the end of the day The polyester filling holds its form for longer and is less likely to compress over time giving you more support and comfort in a hypoallergenic environmentFirmer support for your back and shouldersSuffering from a bad back can make sleeping difficult unless youve got the support you really need The Queen Ortho Comfort Mattress lives up to its name by having a firmness rating of 4 which means greater support for your back and shoulders as well as alleviating those annoying pressure points along the body at the shoulders and lower backSafety and comfort guaranteedThe Queen Ortho is made in the UK to exacting standards and has been examined and approved by the National Bed Federation NBF Its also fire resistant and conforms to the BS7177 2008 standard for domestic use low hazard making it an ideal choice for home use To give you additional peace of mind it comes with a 1year guaranteeIt can be a real struggle for those who suffer from allergies when it comes to choosing the right mattress The Queen Ortho Comfort mattress uses 100 polyester fillings and an open coil construction making it a great option if youre looking for an affordable hypoallergenic mattress you can rely on The Damask cover is made from woven breathable fibres making this an easy mattress to keep clean and healthy The mattress can be flipped and turned regularly to extend its lifespan

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