Relyon Pocket Memory Classic 1500 Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 449.95

If youre in need of a mattress that offers firm support and comfort with beautiful crafting the Relyon Pocket Memory Classic 1500 Mattress is for you By combining memory foam and no fewer than 1500 pocket springs its the perfect balance between bodyhugging softness and sturdy support You are sure to experience refreshing pressure relief alongside all the necessary support to give a peaceful sleep for you and your partnerLonglasting comfort that never failsOn that note the sleeping space is optimised with firm edge support to ensure you experience the same level of comfort even if you sleep right on the very edge The mattress is naturally hypoallergenic as the memory foam resists dust mites to keep your nights clean and healthy even if you suffer from allergies And its easy to maintain as it is a singlesided mattress that doesnt need to be turned over Simply use the builtin handles to rotate the mattress every three months and it will stay in the great condition you needSuperb craftsmanship for a stunning end resultThe mattress is beautifully finished in a softtouch knitted cover to give it an elegant and aestheticallypleasing appearance The sumptuous fillings are locked in with the use of wool tufts that are expertly positioned by hand to ensure the highest quality throughout The mattress durability is boosted further with the inclusion of three rows of sidestitching around the border so it truly is built to last for the long term It provides robust support with a delightfully gentle touch and is designed to promote healthy sleep and stay in top condition for the long haul

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