Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 1 099.95

Sink into luxury with Dunlopillos Millennium Mattress a product that will revolutionise the way you sleepThe superior mattress was awarded Which best buy in 2018 for providing comfort while supporting the body It is 24cm of natural latex a material that adapts to the unique contours of your body providing ultimate levels of support as you sleep The breathable open cell latex helps to regulate temperature and promote even blood flow around your bodyThe Millennium is designed to have seven comfort zones each with a unique purpose intended to perfect your sleep posture The softer zones envelop your hips while the firm zones support and align your spine making this the perfect investment for anyone who usually wakes up feeling stiff and soreThe mattresss ultrasoft knit cover is made using Actipro technology which is antibacterial and eliminates allergens for a more hygienic and revitalising sleepIts time to invest in a mattress that is reliable durable and comfortable to sleep on Dunlopillos Millennium Mattress can provide all of this and more for 8 years guaranteed

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