Dunlopillo Celeste Mattress - European Single (90cm x 200cm)

£ 809.95

The Dunlopillo Celeste Mattress has a 21cm 100 pure Dunlopillo latex core that instantly moulds to your body contours changing shape throughout the night following your bodies movements Dunlopillo latex instantly reacts to every movement you make so whichever position you sleep in youll enjoy a healthy nights sleep The 7 zone Latex Core provides all the support that your body needs across all areas giving a softer feel at areas such as shoulder hips and ankles but firmer support for your back etc This provides a perfect balance to allow your spine to be correctly aligned in whichever position you sleep inThe breathable Latexs open cell structure is made up of millions of interconnecting microscopic air bubbles not only ensuring a very supportive mattress but it also promotes constant air circulation Natural movement during the night helps ventilate the mattress and keeps the bed at a constant and comfortable temperature Natural latex has antiallergenic antibacterial and antimicrobial properties Dunlopillo ensures that all these characteristics are embodied in its distinctive Dunlopillo latexThe mattress is finished in a soft knit cover which has enhanced cooling properties and moisture management systemActipro technology is used in the mattress fabric to eliminate unwanted allergens reduce bacteria and unpleasant odours helping to maintain a welcoming and refreshing sleep environment The mattress is hypoallergenic ensuring dust mites cannot survive on the product allowing a healthy environment and peaceful sleepThe Dunlopillo Celeste Mattress has firm tension and does not need to be turned It also benefits from an 8 year customer guarantee

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