Sealy Nostromo Posturepedic Pocket 1400 Latex Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 439.95

The Sealy Nostromo Pocket 1400 Latex a wonderful pillow top mattress from the Posturepedic Sealy Collection is built with modern materials technical advances and knowhow from this worldfamous bed brand The Nostromo has a welldeserved place and offers a medium feel great support and luxurious comfortThe Sealy Nostromo mattress features the 1400 pocket spring system that is designed to offer luxuriously soft comfort but also to provide excellent support exactly where required and instantly The Sealy Pocket Springs also move individually to provide very precise supportThe Nostromo mattress has a deep natural soft layer of latex known as Innergetic Latex by Sealy on the surface It acts to instantly mould to the contours of the body effortlessly supporting the spine and further enhancing the luxurious feel of the bed In addition this material is ideal for those with allergies as bed bugs and mites cannot thrive on latexThis quilted tactile cover fabric is made from Tencel and works to maintain a comfortable heat and moisture level at all times and maintains a microclimate within the bed Sealy has also infused the fabric with PurotexThis Sealy mattress is also a noturn mattress and requires rotating once per season

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