William Night Crescent Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 1 999.95

The William Night Crescent mattress has been created to give a luxurious and refined sleeping experience It is constructed with 2000 independent pocket springs together with 70mm of indulgently comfortable pressure relieving memory foamThe Pocket springs are encased in individual soft fabric pockets These are then covered in luxurious fillings This type of mattress is ideal because the springs work independently giving the correct support where necessary Even if two people share the same bed the pocket spring mattress will support each of them individually giving them appropriate support Couples with a weight difference will sleep soundly on these beds as the support each receives is appropriate for each person The memory foam helps to eliminate the pressure points usually associated with an ordinary mattress If you have a partner then using a memory foam mattress is ideal in that it moulds itself to each person separately and therefore the individual sleeping arrangements are perfect for each personMemory foam mattresses are also especially beneficial in that they maintain a comfortable temperature whatever the weather In the summer memory foam releases most of the heat generated by the body keeping you cool and in the winter the special properties of the memory foam retain the heat making it more comfortableThe William Night Crescent mattress is finished with a sensational soft touch fabric and a supported edge for divine sleep over the entire width of the mattress It is 30cm deep and is promised to give you a perfect nights sleep Creating a more luxurious and refined sleeping experience has always been William Nights most important reason for making mattresses This latest Crescent mattress once again redefines the luxury bed market and sleep experienceWilliam Night embraces the latest technology and materials and combines these with traditional skills and master craftsmanship enabling them to produce the perfect mattress

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