Bed Butler Classic 1000 Pocket Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3"), Softer

£ 304.95

Offering the latest in sleep technology the Bed Butler Classic 1000 Pocket Mattress could be exactly what you need to get a peaceful nights rest Designed and manufactured by master bed makers it offers the ultimate in comfort and supportThis impressive model features 1000 springs all set in their own cotton pockets which are tied together to ensure that they always remain linked Because they are so closely packed any sideways movement that could result in a dip in the mattress is avoided This clever design feature helps to prevent partners from rolling together during the night while sharing a bed resulting in a more restful and restorative sleepSo if youre tired of being disturbed during the night when your partner moves around this pocket sprung mattress could be the answer to your sleeping problems For added comfort the Bed Butler Classic Mattress is covered in a luxurious 100 fairtrade organic cotton fabric giving it a smooth indulgent look and feelMade from the finest materials this product is designed to last and will provide you with many years of support It also comes with a 5year guarantee meaning you can have complete confidence when you buy the Bed Butler Classic Mattress from us

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