Fargo Perf 3 - modern exterior door

£ 990.00

Doors intended for use in multi-family and single-family housings. Solid construction and very good technical parameters guarantee satisfaction with use.


1000x2075mm total size with frame (90cm door)

1100x2075mm total size with frame (100cm door)

1000x2030mm total size with frame (90cm door)

1100x2030mm total size with frame (100cm door)

Colour: metbrush, grey, graphite metallic, anthracite, white laminate, bleached oak, winchester, golden oak, dark walnut, dark oak

Opening way: Right hand (RH) - opening to inside, Left hand (LH) - opening to inside, Right hand reverse (RHR) - opening to outside, Left hand reverse (LHR) - opening to outside

The door is made of stainless steel. Inside are filled with foam and wood.


  • safety system through the use of multipoint locks and anti-theft bolts

  • resistant to atmospheric factors

  • good indicators of thermal insulation through the use of appropriate filling and a system of

  • double seals

  • colours in natural shades of wood combined with distinctive stamping pattern fit perfectly with the rest of carpentry of the building and its interior

Technical parameters

  • leaf thickness - 54 mm

  • Thermal insulation ratio Ud=1,3 W/m²k

  • leaf filling - CFC-free polyurethane foam

  • stamping - deep

  • leaf made as rebate version

  • material - galvanized steel sheet, covered with wood-laminate

  • frame made of laminated steel sheet 1.5 mm

  • system of double seals

  • possibility of shortening the leafs by 20 mm

  • burglary protection class 2 in accordance

Standard equipment

  • aminated wood leaf

  • frame + stainless steel threshold tempered steel grate

  • basic multi-point lock + additional lock class 5

  • regulated reinforced hinges. 3 pcs.

  • ant-theft bolts 6 pcs.

  • lock regulation

  • handle GAMA,one class key system

Payable options

  • inserts

  • wide-angle peephole (height of the hole adjusted to stamping)

  • shortening to required dimensions (max. 20mm)

  • masking bottom bar (it regards individual shortening)

  • stool for external doors inwards-open

  • bumper strip

The installation space between the frame and the wall can be up to 4 cm (1.6 inch) in total

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We provide the installation of our front door in England. Installation costs extra and depends on the type of door.

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