Skovby SM205 Coffee Table

£ 608.00

SKOVBY SM205 COFFEE TABLE The rectangular coffee table SM205 was designed to match last year's introductions, dining tables SM26 and SM27. The coffee table SM205 has rounded corners and legs that are similar to the design of the dining tables.Rectangular coffee table with rounded corners provides substance and visual tranquility to the design. Made in Denmark Skovby furniture is made in Danmark. We select and evaluate the quality of the wood in relation to grain patterns, play of colours and structures. Skovby only use high quality veneer and solid wood. Product Care Improper care and maintenance can damage your furniture!Far too many of the problems that arise with furniture, is a result of improper maintenance and/or as a result of an inaccurate or incomplete information when purchasing the furniture.Please follow the recommendations as to daily care and maintenance of your Skovby furniture.

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