Polycarbonate Coldframe for Large Wooden Raised Vegetable Bed Planter

£ 114.99

This generously sized wooden framed coldframe provides a place for plants to be hardened off in spring prior to planting out, and to be protected from frosts in the evening and morning in the autumn. Designed to fit on top of the Veg Trough (sold separately), the coldframe has legs that protrude from the base that slot into the top of the veg trough, holding it in place. <br /> <br /> Specially designed to provide a comfortable working height, the Veg Trough is ideal for creating a vegetable plot that is easily managed without bending over and with this versatile cold frame you can use it to manage crops through all stages of growth.<br /> <br /> * Helps keep pests (like rabbits and slugs) at bay<br /> * Can be used in your patio or greenhouse, or anywhere in your garden<br /> * Treated timber is suitable for a growing environment<br /> * Measures 180cm W x 76cm D x 45cm H<br /> * Can be used on its own<br /> * Brand: Selections<br /> <br /> Please note: we recommend that the Veg Trough and coldframe are positioned in a sheltered position out of prevailing winds. 

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