Sleepeezee Naturelle 1400 Pocket Mattress -

£ 619.95

The Naturelle 1400 mattress incorporates 1400 individual pocket springs made from 30 quality recycled steel Pocket springs react individually to a persons weight and therefore support all parts of the body correctly This also means two people sharing a bed will be supported individually It also helps to prevent roll togetherThe Naturelle 1400 mattress has natural fillings of English wool included on both sides and the whole is covered in a premium quality Belgian damask cover The mattress is hand tufted for comfort and maintaining the mattress shapeThe sides of the mattress include two rows of stitching and also chrome finished vents The vents allow the mattress to breathe through good ventilation and also help to maintain an even temperature throughout the mattressThe mattress is double sided and there are flag stitched handles attached to the sides of the Naturelle 1400 mattress to aid in its turningThe Naturelle 1400 mattress will give you all the support and comfort you need for a perfect nights sleep

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