Coolflex Shetland Comfort 1400 Mattress -

£ 139.46

The 10 deep Shetland Comfort 1400 mattress from Coolflex offers exceptional value for money Constructed classically with individual pocket springs the Shetland Comfort 1400 is a fantastic introduction into luxurious pocket sprung sleeping The Shetland Comfort 1400 mattress has individual hand nested pocket springs pocket springs each housed in its own cotton pocket The individual pocket springs provide independent support for each occupant the independent sleeping zones minimize roll together and maximize comfort Movement on one side of the mattress has minimal effect of the occupant on the other side of the mattressThe Shetland Comfort 1400 mattress has a filling using layers of quality polyester with the finest natural wool It is covered with a double jersey soft aloe vera treated fabric and has vertical rows of hand stitching around the sides which hold the pocket springs in place right up to the edge of the mattress This ensures that the mattress edges offer the same support as the main body of the mattress It also has turning handles for aiding movement of the mattressThe Shetland Comfort 1400 mattress is the ideal mattress to give you a perfect nights sleep at a most affordable price

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