Pocket Latex 1500 Mattress -

£ 299.55

The Pocket Latex 1500 Mattress is an excellent supportive 1500 pocket sprung mattress featuring anti allergenic layers and a hand tufted top finish The Latex 1500 Pocket Sprung Mattress truly is a premium mattress and its comfort and support levels are rarely found elsewhere It features 1500 individually pocketed springs all of which move independently from each other to respond to your body shape and movements throughout the night As the springs work individually they help to prevent any roll together and any disturbances on one side of the bed disturbing the person sharing the bedLayers of latex and reflex foam provide added support and comfort by moulding to the individuals shape allowing for pressure points to be relieved and making for a consistent sleeping surface which is ideal for those sharing a bedThe hand tufted mattress surface adds further cushioning and comfortable supportThe mattress is finished in a stretched premium fabric and has two rows of hand stitching along the borders It has a soft to medium tensionThe Latex 1500 mattress is single sided and therefore does not need to be turned It should however be rotated top to tail at regular intervals

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